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We have lost over 160 pounds by changing our diet and our lifestyle. In this video, we talk about how we looked and felt before we lost weight. We discuss why we adopted the diet we adopted, how we felt after we began losing weight, and some of the things we learned along our weight loss journey.

We were really sick and suffered from a wide variety of issues from high blood pressure to hormonal issues and pre-diabetes. We adopted a whole food plant based (vegan) diet after eating Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and then we cut processed sugar and flour after reading Bright Line Eating by Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson.

We feel 1000% times better, and wanted to share our journey in case it can help motivate or inspires someone else on their weight loss journey. We have a number of other videos on meal prep, healthy eating, and pantry essentials.

Our videos deal with issues related to health, weight loss and money, but nothing in these videos should be construed as medical, financial, or legal advice. Consult your own doctor, attorney, tax planner, or financial advisor as applicable before making important decisions about your health and finances.


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Caitlin Miah
Caitlin Miah

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